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Past Events

February 16, 2023
Boston Public Library and Posner Books
Boston, MA
In Conversation with WBUR senior science reporter Gabrielle Emanuel:  Watch on Book TV / CSPAN



April 22, 2023
Los Angeles Festival of Books
How Science Guides Us: In Conversation with author Andrew Wehrman and moderator Leslie Mullen from JPL




February 24, 2023
Success Academy Charter Schools: Book talk with science teachers and curriculum developers
New York, NY
In conversation with Pulitzer-prize winning author Dan Fagan




February 7, 2023
Harvard Book Store
Cambridge, MA
In conversation with Pulitzer-prize winning author Deborah Blum
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Talks and articles on What’s Gotten Into You

Feature article on What’s Gotten Into You  on “We are all made of stars: The long trip from the big bang to the human body

Commentary in New Scientist: How even the greatest scientists can fall for cognitive bias

Op-ed in Opinion: 70 years ago, the structure of DNA was revealed. Was Rosalind Franklin robbed?

Clear + Vivid with Alan Alda Podcast: Dan Levitt: You Are Stardust. Really

BOOK TV / CSPAN: Interview with WBUR’s Gabrielle Emanuel

Central Time, Wisconsin Public Radio: Where did what we’re made of… come from?

Smart People Podcast: Evolution, The Big Bang, and How We Can Live Better By Understanding Our Origin Story with Dan Levitt

Conversations, Kansas Public Radio: What’s Gotten Into You

Tech Nation, KQED: From the Big Bang to You, the atoms that connect us all

Science Writers In New York, A virtual conversation with Dan Levitt

Leonard Lopate at Large on WBAI radio NYC: Dan Levitt on What’s Gotten Into You

American Museum of Science and Energy podcast AMSEcast with guest Dan Levitt

Coast to Coast AM: Building Blocks of Life

Print interview with 13.8 Billion Years Later

The Next Big Idea Club’s January 2023 Must-Read Books and 40 Nonfiction Books to Watch Out for in 2023

New York Public Library Book of the Day